Welcome Mika!

As a knitter, I absolutely love this time of year. The beginning of spring and the beginning of autumn alike bring welcome changes, fresh inspiration and (of course) new fibers and colors to play with.

Yesterday we received the first of many upcoming spring and summer yarns: Classic Elite Yarns’ Mika.


As a born and bred Southerner, I have an instinctive appreciation for cotton. Its cool, soft texture and earthy origins conjure up images of other simple pleasures like baking biscuits or picking wildflowers.

Mika is no exception- it’s a 100% organic cotton sport weight yarn, promising a graceful fabric and pure comfort in the knitting and wearing of it. Its subtle texture will shine in the simplest of stitches, or add dimension to a more complex design. And look at the beautiful range of colors! Fresh and fruity hues, dusty bohemian shades, and clean contemporary neutrals- they’re all here.

FullSizeR (1)

Obviously I can’t wait to get my hands into this new yarn, but Sheri beat me to it. She’s already used 5 skeins of Mika to knit Celadine, a casually cool shawl that’s perfect for three seasons. A minimalistic lace stitch pattern keeps things interesting but never fussy, and the garter stitch background displays Mika’s charming texture for the eye and hand to enjoy. Celadine is the perfect spring project for now and a great summer accessory for later.

Come meet Mika soon…and be on the lookout for more spring and summer yarns as they begin popping up. (Hint- Mika is one of the TWO that I’m most excited about.)

See you next time!


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