Calling All Weavers!

Good morning, friends in fiber!

Today we need YOUR HELP! We’re looking forward to offering some fresh new weaving classes this year…in fact, we have too many exciting ideas. We need to narrow them down so we can start planning!


Every one of these fascinating projects can be completed on the simple yet flexible Cricket Loom from Schacht Spindle Co.

Which of these weaving classes would you be most interested in?

1. Design Your Own Tartan

In this class, we’ll start from scratch to plan, warp, and weave a beautiful tartan scarf. Reinterpret your family’s tartan for rigid heddle loom weaving…or start a new tradition from your own imagination!

2. Octopleats Skirt

Weaving and knitting work together to create a fun and easy garment. Woven panels customized to your measurements are paired with simple knit godets for a flattering fit that’s fun to wear.

3. Weaving With Non-Yarns

Scraps…we know you’ve got ’em. In this class we’ll experiment with nontraditional materials including fabric, paper, wood, metal, and more! Dive into our treasure trove of materials and learn how to take advantage of your own.

I wish we had pictures of these intriguing projects to share with you…but they’re still in their earliest stages! Let us know in the comments below what YOU would like see next, and we’ll get to work.

Not a weaver? No problem! We would love to get you started with an affordable, portable, and versatile Cricket Loom from Schacht Spindle Company and a private lesson in basic weaving. Once you’ve mastered the basics, the only limit is your imagination!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts…oh, and Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandra David
    Feb 08, 2017 @ 12:18:06

    Plaids sound like great fun.



  2. jjrway
    Feb 08, 2017 @ 13:22:58

    I would the first or third class.  Probably the third would be my choice.  

    Sent from Samsung Mobile



  3. Suze
    Feb 08, 2017 @ 16:13:48

    It appears that its time for me to purchase a Cricket. Guess I need to hurry up with those baby presents. LOL not enough time to do everything I want.



  4. Judy Cormany
    Feb 08, 2017 @ 19:43:11

    I like the tartan idea. Can’t wait to learn this new skill.



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