Get Hooked: Why Knitters Need to Learn Crochet in 2017

Welcome to 2017, ladies and gentlemen!

We hope the first few days of the New Year have treated you well. Each of us here celebrated in our own way. Now we’re excited to be back to work and embarking on another year of knitting and crochet adventures with you!

As always, a big part of this year at The Yarn Patch will be our classes! We love welcoming newcomers and retakers in our classes; each opportunity to expand our horizons and experiment with new techniques is as fun and rewarding to us as it is to you. That’s why we’re excited to release our January-February-March class schedule, including 3 NEW classes and some frequently requested favorites. We hope you’ll take a moment to visit our online store and register soon- class space is limited and they DO fill up!

From Left to Right, The Mitered Vest Workshop, Brioche- 2 Colors!, and Need a Circular Yoke? Sweater Workshop.

If you’re not sure yet what you’d like to learn, we have a suggestion: learn to crochet! It’s true that currently the majority of our customers consider themselves knitters first, but a growing number are crocheters also or exclusively. We are constantly seeing more beautiful and innovative crochet designs than ever before, and we’re starting to see an increased interest from needlecraft newbies, converts to crochet, and veteran hookers alike.

If you’re not convinced that now is the time to take up crochet, consider these words of wisdom: All knitters should know how to crochet…but not all crocheters must know how to knit.  It’s true- knitters borrow from a crocheter’s bag of tricks all the time!

How exactly, you ask, can a knitter use crochet? Here just a few of the possibilities…

1. Create vanishing edges and stitches that appear by magic! With the Provisional Cast On, you use a crochet hook to create a chain that wraps around a knitting needle to form the stitches. You can knit right into this chain, and unravel it later to expose live stitches at the bottom of your knitting. Viola!- your cast on disappears and you can continue knitting from the opposite end with no seam at all.

2. Insert indestructible seams- without a needle! By inserting a crochet hook through two layers of knitted fabric and working slip stitches or single crochets from there, you can join the pieces with a remarkably strong yet tidy seam. These bulky seams are sometimes used as design elements as well- they add architectural detail to afghans and garments.

3. Add beautiful and functional borders- no picking up stitches required! Picking up stitches along a cast on, bind off, or selvedge edge is extra work for the knitter- especially if you’re edging a large piece such as an afghan! It’s incredibly fast and easy to work crochet stitches into any edge of a knitted fabric, and turning corners is a cinch, too- just work three stitches instead of one in the corner space to allow the edge to spread. Once you’ve worked the first row or round, continue with a border as simple or as fancy as you like!

4. Embroider anything you can imagine, in no time at all! The “daisy chain” is a fun embellishment that works on any piece of knitting. You simply push the crochet hook through the fabric from the right side, catch the yarn on the wrong side, then pull it to the front and through the loop on the hook. You can change direction freely as you go, making possible anything from stripes to squiggles to cursive lettering.


5. Bind off with flair! This delicate-looking edge is surprisingly simple: the crochet hook is inserted into multiple stitches on the needle and the yarn is pulled through all of them to fasten the stitches off together, then several chains are worked to create a free-floating loop before fastening off the next group of stitches. This fancy bind off is commonly used the finish lace pieces.

As you can see, we adapt crochet techniques for use in finishing, embellishing, and more. The results are fast, fun, and attractive. Having a firm grasp of the basics of crochet will serve you well as a knitter…but who knows, you might just find yourself doing a little “hooking” on the side.

We can’t wait to grow with you in 2017! Visit us in store or online soon to register for your favorite classes- seats are going fast.

See you soon!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandra David
    Jan 04, 2017 @ 11:28:02

    I’ve long believed that crochet is something all knitters should know, and you’ve done an excellent job of illustrating some of the reasons! One more I’ll mention is securing a steek when working stranded colorwork with sticky wool. It makes a nice edge that needs no further finishing after cutting the steek.

    Thanks for another helpful post!



  2. Suze Elmore
    Jan 04, 2017 @ 19:47:24

    I’m ready to take the plunge. Crochet here I come.



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