The Knits Before Christmas

‘Tis (almost) the night before Christmas…and knitters and crocheters everywhere are feeling the pressure. How is that, year after year of eleventh-hour stitching to finish all those Christmas gifts, I have not learned my lesson? And yet these last few weeks of late nights and sneaky knitting are as much a Christmas tradition in my home as baking cookies.

Not that I’m complaining; giving the perfect handmade gift is so worth the effort! For example, this year I am knitting tiny monogrammed sweaters for most of my friends. These petite pullovers are inspired by the Christmas sweaters worn by the characters in one of our mutual favorite books, and I know that the laughter we’ll share when they unwrap their very own real-life “Weasley sweaters” will be even more fun than the knitting itself!


Until then, if you need me, check the closet in the spare bedroom where I stash my yarn…I’m probably holed up trying to finish a dozen of these little guys!

What gifts have you knitted this year…and what are you still knitting? What handmade gift was the most special you’ve ever given- or received? We’d love to hear your stories of Christmas knits past, present, and future. Share in the comments below! Then, my friends, make a strong pot of coffee and keep those needles moving, because Christmas morning is just around the corner!


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  1. dg
    Dec 14, 2016 @ 09:32:38

    HI – I finished a Hogwart’s sweater for the granddaughter. If you see a black and yellow striped sweater at a band event in the Valley, it will be her. I am doing another plain red sweater for a 6 year old grandson. Maybe it will be done before Christmas. hugs and blessings – Donna



  2. Fran Gospodarek
    Dec 14, 2016 @ 10:28:16

    Would you be able to share the pattern for those adorable sweaters including the monogramming instructions? Merry Christmas!



    • yarnpatch
      Dec 14, 2016 @ 10:47:37

      Thanks, Fran! Try searching Ravelry for “teddy bear sweaters”- they have several very similar patterns to choose from. As for the monograms, I just found charts for Fair Isle letters and worked them in duplicate stitch over the front of the sweater. It was very easy! I hope you have fun with them. 😉



  3. Gail
    Dec 14, 2016 @ 10:42:52

    I think those little Weasley sweaters are adorable and so much work you put into it. I know your friends will join in the merriment but treasure those for ever and will always have a wonderful story to go with it. Thanks for sharing and always bringing a smile to our faces when we walk in the door.



  4. Sandra David
    Dec 14, 2016 @ 17:18:54

    Cute little sweaters! Those are the kinds of things I put on a Christmas tree when I put up a Christmas tree. One-of-a-kind ornaments that mean something special. Lucky friends you have. I am not knitting for Christmas; I long ago gave up knitting to a deadline. It’s not my personality, and the deadline kind of ruins the pleasure of the process for me.

    I did, however, knit my dad a pair of socks for Christmas one year, because he wanted something to sleep in so his feet wouldn’t get cold. The truth is, I’d have knit them for him whether it was Christmas or not; I just happened to get them done at the right time. I think he slept in those socks every night all winter (but then, winter in Ft. Myers, FL doesn’t last very long).



    • yarnpatch
      Dec 15, 2016 @ 09:18:19

      That was a great gift, Sandra. Everyone loves socks! I think that’s part of the beauty of a knitted gift, though- they can be beautiful, but they’re also wonderfully useful. Thanks for sharing!



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