Why Choose Shetland?

Our Mystery KAL knitters are now diving into Clue 4, and we’ve seen some beautiful lace taking shape so far. Great job, everyone!

We also hope you’re loving your yarn. Harrisville Shetland has been with us since the beginning of the Yarn Patch- it’s a classic, and we depend on it for all kinds of special projects like this MKAL.

Harrisville Designs is located in Harrisville, New Hampshire, where mills have been producing wool yarns and other textiles continuously since 1794. Today, Harrisville Designs is family owned and all of their products- including yarns, fibers, looms, and other fibercraft tools and kits- are made in the USA. We’re quite proud to work with this company!

The rich textiles tradition at Harrisville Designs is reflected in Shetland, a fingering weight 100% Virgin Wool (wool taken from a lamb’s first shearing) with all the natural advantages of this quintessential knitting fiber. Shetland has a rough hand and a strong body; it can feel a bit prickly at first, but when blocked it blooms into a soft, full fabric with the warmth and durability that only a natural wool can offer. Shetland also has a “waxy” feeling due to the presence of lanolin, an oil produced by sheep to protect their coats. The lanolin will continue to protect and add to the beauty of the wool long after your knitting is done! Shetland is our first choice for many projects and techniques, such as the traditional Fair Isle colorwork pictured below.


When considering yarns for this Mystery KAL, we thought of Shetland immediately. Its crisp hand and good stitch definition are perfect for the fine details of traditional Estonian lace. In fact, Sheri test knitted our MKAL pattern in a yarn almost identical to Shetland: Longa-Liisu Kasitoo, which was a gift from a dear friend who visited Estonia on a mission trip (thanks, Penny Smith!)

As you can see in the photos above, the resulting fabric was light and airy just like lace should be, but the stitches held their shape extraordinarily well so that the details of each stitch pattern could shine. In the end, Sheri found that, especially after blocking, nothing could display the beauty of these traditional techniques better than a traditional wool yarn.

So knit on, MKAL participants, with complete confidence in the beauty and quality of your yarn. We know you’ll love the results- and we can’t wait to see them!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sandra David
    Nov 16, 2016 @ 13:45:17

    Of course, I can only second everything you’ve said about this yarn. I love it for all kinds of projects, and it’s a pleasure to use for the MKAL.



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