WWKIP Day 2016…Let the Games Begin!

It’s time!


World Wide Knit in Public Day 2016 is almost here- Saturday June 18th, to be precise! We at The Yarn Patch have always enjoyed celebrating the largest knitting event in the world, joining innumerable knitters across the globe as we proclaim our love of this art.


Sheri, Shawndrese, and Emily yarn bombing the shop for WWKIP Day 2013.

This year, since WWKIP Day coincides with our 10th Anniversary Celebration (June 13-18) we thought we’d do something a little different. We promised an event you can participate in all week long, locally or long distance, and get rewarded for it, too…so here it is:


Here are the rules:

Print your KIP Bingo card (copy the image above or download Knit_In_Public_Bingo). Then get out and get knitting! (Try visiting a coffee shop, summer concert, or park!) As people begin to take an interest (and they will), find and mark their comments on your KIP Bingo card. Just like regular Bingo, five in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally wins!

 Local Knitters: Bring your completed card to the shop anytime between Monday, June 13 and Saturday, June 18 to receive 15% off your entire purchase.

Online/Long Distance Knitters: Print and play KIP Bingo wherever you are, then go online and use the coupon code BINGO to receive 15% off your entire purchase.

This offer is available Monday, June 13, 2016 through Saturday, June 18, 2016. Discount is available on in stock merchandise only- excludes special orders, classes, and looms. It may not be combined with any other discount.

We are so excited to play KIP Bingo- see if you can catch us out and about!

Happy World Wide Knit in Public Day!


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