A Success Story!

Good morning, knitters!

Hope you’re all having a lovely day. Our has been brightened by the kind words of a friend, and we’d like to share them with you in turn!

As many of you know, we’ve recently wrapped up another great Yarn Patch Mystery Knit-Along. This was our sixth mystery knit along, and we’re always excited to share the fun, the suspense, and the challenges with our long distance knitters as well as our locals.

This project turned out to be Pescadito by Adrienne Ku, a breathtaking traditional lace triangle shawl knitted in a featherlight merino wool/silk blend.  Fifty-nine knitters far and wide joined our MKAL to bravely tackle this masterpiece, and we’re so proud to see the pictures and hear the stories that have been pouring in as this MKAL draws to its conclusion.

One of our MKAL participants and friends of the Yarn Patch, Gail Blitch,  recently shared these encouraging “Rambling Relfections” on her project. We think she’s perfectly captured the challenge and the joy of lace knitting! Read on for Gail’s wonderful insights.

  1. Always start with an, “I can do” attitude.
  2. Read and reread all directions and charts before you start your project.
  3. Relax and release the tight grip on your needles, enjoy your adventure.
  4. Be patient, move slowly and if you make a mistake, help is always there for you.
  5. Even when you make a mistake or drop a stitch, take a deep breath, proceed slowly and even lace work can be tinked out slowly.
  6. When you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up about it, that is how you learn and all knitters are there at one time.
  7. If you make a small error work through it to solve it or Sheri is great at talking you through it on the phone. Sometimes it can just be your own little design element and move on.
  8. Sometimes you will feel as if you can hardly believe you know anything about knitting and become frustrated but hang in there; with help and perseverance what awaits you will be worth it.
  9. You may not enjoy blocking; to me it was another labor pain in the finished delivery of this lace creation. At times I felt the shawl would dry before I got it all blocked but I did enjoy getting to lovingly look at all the hard work I knitted and to see the yarn blossom before my eyes.
  10. Who knows, at the end of it all you may find yourself becoming a new fan of knitting lace just as I have become. I have created a heirloom masterpiece!!!


Thank you so much, Gail, for sharing your thoughts with us. We love watching knitters learn and grow in their skill and enjoyment of their art, and if we’re able to help along the way that makes everything we do worthwhile!

Below are some more pictures of finished MKAL projects sent in by a bunch of proud knitters. They’re a pretty talented lot, don’t you think? If you’ve finished or will finish the MKAL and haven’t sent us pictures yet, keep them coming! We’re anxious to see some of the other color combinations! Thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our next Mystery Knit Along, coming soon!

From Left to Right: Sheri Pitroski, Linda McFadden, and Rosemary Tucker.

*UPDATE 04/09/2016*

We’re still receiving photos! Thank you and keep ’em coming! Below is Carole Mask’s finished MKAL- a lovely green and amber combination. Great job, Carole!

*UPDATE 04/12/2016*

We have more photos this morning! Hooray! Below are Sue Jent’s rich red shawl and Chelle Fritz’s striking blue and white version. You can see that Chelle used the variegated instead of the solid as her main color and it turned out beautiful- good work, Chelle, you rebel!

*UPDATE 04/15/2016*

Another new photo today- this one’s from Emily Saile. So elegant!


*UPDATE 04/19/2016*

Photos again! Below is Tara Bufis’s finished MKAL. Beautiful, Tara! Thanks for modelling it too.

*UPDATE 04/30/2016*

We got another photo today from Cathy Jastram. Cathy actually allowed us to block this one for her- it’s even more beautiful in person!

Thanks, Cathy!



Knitters never quit! We received photos lately from Geri Spicknall (above) and Gloria Wolf (below). Sorry it took us a while to get them posted- but these beauties are worth the wait! Thanks, ladies!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gail
    Apr 12, 2016 @ 19:56:57

    Love all the beautiful shawls and the different colors! What is the best way to store the shawls when not wearing them?



    • yarnpatch
      Apr 13, 2016 @ 09:29:24

      Good question, Gail! They’re not *too* delicate, but I wouldn’t recommend hanging them, keeping them somewhere very humid, or leaving them in direct light. Folded up on a closet shelf or in a dresser drawer is just fine!



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