It’s a Zoo in Here!

If you’ve visited us recently, you might have noticed that a few colorful critters have taken up residence at the Yarn Patch. We’d like to introduce you to them! They are Top This! hat kits by DMC and Yarnimal scarf kits by Plymouth.

yarnimals and top this.jpg

Whether you’re knitting for a child or a child at heart, these kits make the perfect gift: quick, easy, and fun. Both kits include yarn, stuffed animal pieces, and a pattern. Top This! kits are designed for funky hats, while Yarnimals yield striped scarves embellished with cuddly feet and faces. Either project is sure to please, but think outside the box and these kits offer even more project possibilities!

Top This! kits by DMC include a pattern for a simple hat (toddler and small adult sizes available) topped by a cute, bright animal. From kittens and puppies to monkeys and lions or even a whimsical unicorn, these plush pieces are easy to attach and kids love to play with them. They’re also available in holiday and winter versions featuring snowmen, snowflakes, penguins, elves, and Santa Claus! Why not branch out and make a pair of adorable slippers or knit an easy-to-carry, fun-to-snuggle comfort blanket for little ones?

slippers        hankie

Top This! Slippers by Susan Liebowitz        katyknits’ Vintage Hankie Washcloth

Yarnimals kits by Plymouth include a pattern for a beginner-friendly ribbed scarf with pre-made heads and paws which are attached to either end of the scarf, creating the effect of a wearable stuffed animal. Cats, dogs, monkeys, and sheep are available in a variety of colors from rainbows to neutrals. You could tackle this fabulous Four Legged Friends Backpack. Another option would be to get creative and knit a simple cushion, then attach the stuffed parts for a do-it-yourself pillow pal.


Four Legged Friends Backpack by Thomas B. Ramsden and Co.

If you’re excited about the possibilities these kits offer, come visit us online or in store and get started. We’d love to see what you come up with!



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